Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY: Easy art!

Hi! My name is Ash. I am a new wife, a photographer, a cook, and a housekeeper… and now a blogger!
 I plan to write weekly, I will be posting photos, creative ideas that I have had success with, and recipes that my husband and I love!
To start off, I have a project I decided to do. I saw the idea on Pintrest and decided I wanted to try it!
 Here is our project this week!:

Items needed:
·         A canvas of any size- I bought mine at walmart, 2 for about $8
·         Sharpies (or black paint)
·         White school glue
·         Water
·         A jar
·         An old book or news paper- I got mine at an old book store, the lady actually gave it to me, she said no one wanted the book so I could just take it! But you can find them at garage sales, and sometimes a resale store.

First off, I made my own decoupage  (Mod Podge)
To make decoupage, take a bottle of white school glue, and empty it into the jar. Fill the glue bottle with water, and shake to get any remaining glue out of the bottle, and then add the water with the glue. Screw the lid on your jar securely, and shake to mix the equal parts of glue and water.

Tada! You about $1.44 to make what cost more like $7 to buy it pre-made!
Second, remove the pages of your book, I used a knife because I wanted a smooth edge instead of the torn look. But if you don’t mind that look, go for it, just tear the pages out.

And, third, cover your canvas in the decoupage, and the back side of your book page, then place the page on the canvas and cover the page in decoupage, continue until your canvas has been covered. Make sure you fold the paper around the edges if you have a stretched canvas.

Once your canvas is covered, let decoupage dry.

Fourth, If you are confident in your sketching skills, go right ahead and start with a Sharpie, if not, grab a pencil and sketch on what your heart desires. Words… birds… trees… trees with birds… the possibilities are endless!

Fifth, hang and enjoy! And when people ask where you acquired your beautiful piece of art, just tell them you made it!

(The pages on my finished project picture are a little crinkly, because I wrote words on it and then decided I didn't like it... so I covered them up with more pages! and they were still wet when I took the picture! it dried flat and smooth!)

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  1. I love this, Ashley! So awesome! I want to do this one day! :-)