Friday, May 24, 2013

Thoughts on Handwashing- Day 4

Well I missed yesterday's blog... Oops! So two post today, one now, one tonight.

Handwashing has been going well! I wash more often than I did with my pockets, because the flats have to be changed more often, and I only have 12. Yesterday, I actually ran out... Oops, again! I cut a shirt into a flat. I didn't pay attention to what the shirt was made of, but it wasn't cotton, or flannel.

My wash routine goes something like this; 

Soak- I dump my dirty flats into my tub and toss in my wet bag right along with them. I use a plunger to agitate for about 5 minutes, then let them sit for a while (this amount of time varies depending on whats going on.)
Rinse- I dump the water that the dipes have been soaking in and cover the diapers with water again, agitate for about 5 minutes, then dump.
Wash- rinsed diapers, soap, cover diapers in water, I like to stomp wash. I use a tote so there is plenty of room to stand in it. I run in place and spin in circles while running in place, I do this for about 15 minutes, dump soap water.
Rinse- I cover the diapers once more, and run in place again for about 5 minutes, then dump the water, followed by each individual diaper under the faucet.

Hang to dry. Sage-man helping me hang the diapers!
I haven't had the best line drying weather this week. I hung the flats yesterday, they were on the line for four hours, when I brought them in they were still damp. I spread them all over my love seat overnight, this morning they were finally dry. 


I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

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